Hello to all..thanx for still waiting my new post. Today i want to share the above topic. Before that i want to thanx to Cikgu Tuan who asking me about this. If not i'm also blank what to write or to post hahahaha..

what is interactive box title actually?? Ok lets me explain.... blaa...blaaaa..blaaa..just look at the picture below..hehehehe

As you can see there are red circle in that picture..hehehe that's we called 'box title' hehehehe

Wokey..ready guys..let us move on..

1. What you have to do make sure you know your left and right sidebar length. You can find it at your 'edit html code'

2. Just like other website you have to make a button using either photoshop, paint or etc. For me i'm prefer photoshop. If you don't know how to do it just pass here. Save it as .jpeg or .gif or whatever you want as long as picture format heheheeh

2. Make your button less than your side bar width or length..example if your side bar 220px..your button 210px...just try and error

3. Upload your works at your hosting file. If you don't have..there are many free hosting such imagesack, photobucket etc..

4. copy the code. Open your LAYOUT --> ADD A GADGET --> HTML/Java Script and paste the code here...make sure you leave blank the title in HTML/Java Script and save.

jeng..jeng..settled hehehehe so simple isn't it hehehehe just like pro..till we meet again..adiosss amigosss


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